Blackjack Ballroom Casino

Now, you may be forgiven for thinking that the Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a site where you can only play one casino card game, that of course being Blackjack, however do not be mistaken as they are in fact a Microgaming powered casino site and that means you will have access to over 650 of the very latest casino games. Play Now!

However if you prefer to stick to playing Blackjack games then they have a huge suite of them available which we will take a closer look at later in this review.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino has earned pride of place on our listing of the top Canadian Online Casinos thanks to them treating every player like a VIP, and this will extend through every department of their casino site.

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You are going to be able to access plenty of bonuses and the comps they give away day in day out will blow your mind, so it is safe to say that your money is going to go much further when you play here than at most other casino sites.

The site is of course licensed and regulated and they also belong to Casino Rewards who you may or may not know is the largest casino group operator on the web and currently they on over 30 Microgaming powered sites, so they have the experience required to ensure you will be very well looked after should you decide to join up and play!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Review

As someone who enjoys playing Blackjack quite often, I was drawn towards playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino due to its name! However, I soon discovered there is much more to this casino site than first meets the eye.

They are a casino site that operates using just Microgaming’s range of casino games and that means if you do like playing Blackjack like I do then you are going to find every possible Blackjack game variant on offer, in either a single hand or multi-hand format.

The table stake limits on those Blackjack games go down to a low of just 1.00 and most of them have maximum stake limits per hand of 200.00 so they are games all players will be able to set for a stake level that will not bust out their bankroll, their Blackjack games have also been certified as being 100% random too.

I like using the expert settings on the Blackjack games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, for it allows you to set the games to play themselves automatically via the auto play setting but will then be playing off each hand you play perfectly and with the best playing strategy in place.

There are some very low and quite high stable stake limits on the Blackjack tables, and not only do they have single hand Blackjack game variants but they also offer multi-hand games too, so you can play as many  hands per game as you like

With some of the very lowest house edges on some of those Blackjack games you do always get a very fair and reasonable chance of winning when you playing any of them  and I enjoy playing both Classic Blackjack and Spanish Blackjack, the latter of which has bonus payouts you can win when playing it.

The keno game available at Blackjack Ballroom Casino is a fair paying one, but there is a difference in regards to the payout percentage on offer on each number grouping, so if I was you I would do some research to find out just which is the best paying number grouping.

What I do like about their Keno game is that I am not forced to have to play it for real money if I just want to pass some time, for they have a free play version of the game on offer, and when playing it for real money you can also pick and choose the stake levels you play it for too.

Comps points are also earned on their Keno game too and when you do have a fair bit of luck and play off a fair number of games on any one or more sessions you will be surprised at just how many comp point you will earn when playing it.

I prefer playing at casino sites that let me deposit using PaySafeCard as that way I do not have to give the casino any of my credit card or debit card details, and I was happy that Blackjack Ballroom Casino does accept those prepaid vouchers.

If you have ever used PaySafeCard before than all you need to do is to visit their website and enter your postal code and all of the shops nearby where you are that sell them will be listed and you can then buy those vouchers in cash and on the spot.

There are never any additional fees or charges for buying or using them and it does offer me the maximum level of security as my banking and bank card details will always remain safe as I do not have to give them out to lots of different casino sites when making a deposit!

Thanks to the fact that I have spent a lot of time putting in lots of free play time at Blackjack Ballroom Casino I have managed to master playing quite a number of their Blackjack game variants optimally, and that means I do get more winning chances when playing for real money.

As all of their Blackjack games do then to offer low house and thanks to the fact that every single one of them are completely random you can have some quite high paying winning streaks when you set about playing them.

One thing that does also appeal to me is that as their Blackjack games offer multiple different staking options, I can increase or decrease the actual stake levels I am playing them for whenever I want to chance the stake levels!

The range of progressive jackpot games that will become available when you sign up to Blackjack Ballroom Casino is impressive but one thing I have noticed is that you cannot test those game out for free as they are only available to be played for real money.

I often give some of their progressive casino poker cards game a try for I have found the progressive jackpots that can be won when playing those games are huge in value and you will always find them to be fair games too.

If you do play those types of progressive games though then make sure that if you are required to place a bonus diet bet that you do indeed place those side bets, for without doing so you will not then have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot!

I have only just realised that you can set the Blackjack games at Blackjack Ballroom Casino to play off automatically, and to do so you have to make use of the auto play stetting, and there is an interesting feature attached to that auto play setting.

If you simply set it to play off any number of hands for you on your chosen stake amount then that games auto play setting will be using the standard playing strategy for the variant you are playing so it will never make any playing errors.

However, if you do like to play Blackjack games of of any type but by using your own unique playing strategy then you can set the auto play and expert settings to play using your own unique playing strategy so you get best of both world s when using it at Blackjack Ballroom casino!

You will always have the option of playing with bonus credits when playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, for the VIP Managers are great people who do look after players when it comes to offering them a very steady flow of bonuses.

As such you are bound to find you can always claim plenty of different types of bonuses and not just the standard ones that some other casino make available to their players and I have found the bonus play through requirements are not as high as they are at some other casino sites.

I have always been happy to play at this casino site and to be honest if they keep on offer me the same high valued bonuses on an ongoing basis then I will stick to playing at this casino site for the very foreseeable future.

You may not be aware but when you play at Blackjack Ballroom Casino you will be given a log in and password that is going to allow you to use either their fully downloadable gaming platform or you can make use of an instant play one instead.

I prefer playing via the downloadable platform for by doing so I will then have access to many more games that are not available the instant play one and I also get lots of additional and extra option settings and features that are not currently on offer on the instant play platform.

One thing that is not different however on each of those gaming platforms are the game pay backs, for both gaming platforms have games which all play and payout to the same payout percentages and the same house edges.

There should be no excuses in this day and age why a casino cannot credit your bonuses instantly and there should never be any delays in regards to the amount of time that casino is going to take to pay you out all of your winnings either.

Those two things are why I tend to stick to playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino, for every single bonus I have ever claimed, and boy have I claimed a lot of their ongoing bonuses, have always been credited to my account very quickly.

Not only that but whenever I want to cash out my winnings I am given the option of choosing just how I want to get paid our my winnings and the amount and when I request a withdrawal they always pay me quickly too.

So if you do want to play at what in my opinion is one of the best casino sites available online, then do yourself a favour and join up to Blackjack Ballroom Casino as they really are one of the best casino sites I have ever played at online.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Bonus

There are a lot of different bonuses and promotions up for grabs if you decide to sign up to the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site, in fact just for visiting their casino website you will be able to take part in a completely free to enter draw on which you could win share of up to $25k, checkout their website and fill in your details to have a chance of bagging some of that completely free of charge cash someone has to win it and that person may just be you!

As a newly registered player of the Blackjack Ballroom Casino site you will be given access to their initial free money offer, this is available to you when you first log into your account and by clicking on the $500 free play tab then your casino account will instantly be credited with a whopping 500.00 in free cash, this amount of cash will be in the currency you have set your casino account to be.

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You will then be able to get stuck into any of their available games and the aim of the free play no deposit bonus offer is for you to try and end your very first session in the casino in profit, meaning you have in excess of the $500 they credited you with.

If you do end up with more money that they gave you initially then by making a small deposit into your Blackjack Ballroom Casino account you will be able to get a proportion of those winnings credited to your account as a playable bonus.

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You then simply have to make the play through requirements attached to that bonus and any winning achieved will be all yours to keep. Checkout their website for all of the terms and conditions of this bonus.

Blackjack Ballroom Casino Games

If we told you that you could play 500 games at any online casino you would be impressed however if we told you that you could play over 650 games of every description at Blackjack Ballroom then we just know this is going to get you very excited, well that is what they have on offer and not only that additional new games are always added each month of the year so soon there will be over 700 of them!

Luxury Casino Bonus

The number of actual Blackjack games available at this casino site is going to blow you away, they have single hand versions, multi hand games even progressive Blackjack games and with both their standard games and enhanced Gold Series games plus a range of live casino games you will find exactly the variant of Blackjack you are seeking.

Plus you will also find regular Blackjack tournaments behind held in the casino to complement their already huge range of slot game tournaments, check out their website today as we just know you will enjoy playing here for sure. Whilst you are there take a look at their generous loyalty program that will reward you with lots of extras when you become a real money player!